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The South Pacific region consists of a big ocean decorated with tropical islands that gives all travelers jealous of its natural beauty. Although famous for its beautiful landscape, crystal clear water and volcanoes, many tourists also cannot leave with an unprecedented cultural experience anyplace else in the world.

Polynesian Culture(Dancing in Fiji)

When saying about authentic travel experience, few destinations can win the tradition of many Polynesian islands.


 The Polynesians are the original settlers of many of islands in the Pacific Ocean, from the south of New Zealand to the north of Hawaii The western border is Easter Island. Polynesia means "many islands" in Greek. The cultures of the area share many features with each other. Their differences are often subtle and not readily noticed by outsiders.

Polynesian Culture(The Maori culture reside in the Bay of Plenty, Auckland)


●  Polynesia is the biggest sub-region in the Pacific. Form a triangle between New Zealand, Easter Island, and Hawaii, which includes countries like Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands and Tahiti, only to name a few. As natural migrants, this beautiful group of tourists used stars to navigate their East Asian roots many centuries ago. Now spread across many independent island nations, strong connections exist.

POLYNESIAN CULTURE  ( Island groups located within the Polynesian Triangle )


●  Traditional Polynesia societies do not have large villages. Instead, families gather in neighborhoods focusing on a common set of buildings for social, ritual and religious life. Many Polynesians have separate sleeping quarters for bachelors. In some parts of Polynesia, households are built on high rock. Religious temples are an important part of the household structure.

polynesian's living condition ( Polynesian's living condition )

●  The noble households carved the furnishings of furniture including headrests and stools. Sleeping mattresses are also available for members of noble households. In many parts of Polynesia, light from a lamp or coconut oil lamp is popular in homes at night. Polynesia seems to be a virtual paradise for adventurous Europeans there. Today, Polynesian homes and communities are products of indigenous design and Western materials.

Polynesian carved( Sculpture of Polynesian at Village )


●  Polynesian religion has changed dramatically with the arrival of European missionaries in the early nineteenth century. From what was known about incorrect practices (before exposure in Europe), there were significant differences in ideas and religious practices throughout Polynesia.

●  For example, in Hawaii, the leaders are related to genealogy with the gods and are therefore said to possess divine power called mana. The Hawaii system recognizes the four main gods and one main goddess.

King Kamehameha the Great of Hawaii( King Kamehameha the Great of Hawaii )

●  The "taboo" concept of tapu and English is important in all Polynesia societies. This refers to anything prohibited due to sacredness. There are rules of service to protect through the prohibition of some actions. In the Marquesas Islands, the menstrual fabric of a woman is not tapu; However, it is tapu to touch it.

●  Today, most Polynesians are Christians, both Catholic and Protestant. Some traditional beliefs and myths have been included in Christian ideology.

Marquesas Islands( The rich archaeological explorations in Marquesas Islands that await you.) 


●  Typical Polynesia costumes during predestination are similar for men and women. Part of the bark is worn as a loincloth of a man or as a women's belt. Decorative bark fabric called tapa is the main item of traditional clothes in Tahiti. (It is no longer produced there.) Some decorations have been worn for ceremonial events. Building feather hats are a sign of nobles. Both men and women wear ear ornaments.

Multicultural wedding at Musket Cove, Fiji( Multicultural wedding at Musket Cove, Fiji )

●  Traditional dress patterns have disappeared except for special performances or cultural or ceremonial events. Current fashion in Polynesia stretches across the range that it does in any Western developing country.

tapa hoodie collection


●  Although spread across the Pacific Ocean, all Polynesians are known for their strong sense of family. With a rich ancestral history, their ancestor worship brought their reverence a deep, sacred meaning. Only reinforced by modern Christian influences, locals express family relationships even in business - don't be surprised if your hotel manager is a cousin of the tour guide. Your calendar. Put such pride in their relationships, expect to be asked about your family life, when locals stare with radiant smiles, waiting for your answers.

Hawaiian Hula ( Hawaiian Hula )

●  Another popular tradition all over Polynesia is dance. Although there are many different styles, dancing is returning after being reprimanded by European colonies. Although with some modern twist, witness the natural rhythm that encapsulates Polynesia spirit. Go to Samoa and witness Siva tell stories, with slow hand movements related to a story. Or, to really be enchanted, observe the quick hips of the Tahiti dance. Any island you visit is welcomed by the tireless dance echoes of ancient times.

Tahiti dance( Tahiti dance )

●  What will dance without music? Common singing is part of what gives each island its unique character. With their natural talents and gospel-like voices, a Sunday visit to the church will entice you, especially in Samoa and Tonga where religious influences have led to harmonies.

●  Another powerful factor that binds all of the different Polynesia destinations is their seafaring skills - the large canoeing called Vaka, the famous Polynesians have used their sophisticated navigation techniques to find new land. Much of Polynesian history, associated with Vaka, with thrilling stories of courage and strength is common across all countries. Such a story, about 7 Vaka, tells the story of how the last 7 canoes departed from the Cook Islands and set off for New Zealand, and that's how Maori culture comes there.


● Today Polynesian culture patterns are printed on fashion items such as hoodies, t-shirts, bedding set, sneakers, atc. See now >>> Polynesian Collection.

polynesian images and notifs

Polynesia has a rich cultural tradition. That's why Polynesian culture deserves to be discovered and kept.


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