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Each year during June, Hawaiʻi gets together to celebrate King Kamehameha Day, one of the state holidays that honors King Kamehameha I — well-known to be a fearless warrior, a wise diplomat, and a highly-honored leader. The revered king, who is also called “Kamehameha the Great,” is credited with merging the Hawaiian Islands into one royal state in 1810, after many years of near endless strife and conflict.

King Kamehameha Day

According to ancient Hawaiian stories, the king’s history was predicted before he was born in 1753, was reported by the appearance of a comet as it streaked across the Hawaiian sky. Throughout the islands, King Kamehameha Day is celebrated with beautiful traditions, including lei draping, parades, festivals and, of course, hula. So famous and loved was King Kamehameha, that there are six statues paying tribute to his person, remembering this fierce and awesome warrior king.

King Kamehameha Day

Draping of Lei on the arm of the King

The King Kamehameha Statue Lei Draping Ceremony at Aliʻiolani Hale in center Honolulu is considered the most photographed event in Hawaiʻi. The statue stands 15 feet high. Hundreds of feet of plumeria flower lei have been strung like ropes, each at least 30 feet long.

hawaii leiFlower chains are sewn by members of the royal societies, supported by dozens of volunteers. Fresh lei are loaded into the arms of Honolulu city workers, who are picked up in a truck to carefully place the lei. The Hawaiian protocol dictates that lei must be placed on the arm of the king. Lei never hangs on a fur coat - bronze or real.

Where is King Kamehameha Day celebrated?

King Kamehameha Day at Oahu

On Oʻahu, the celebrations honor King Kamehameha center upon Downtown and Waikīkī, where the Annual King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade will occur. A true holiday for the eyes, the gorgeous parade is a bright display of old Hawaiʻi spectacle with all its breathtaking colors, flowers and people.

King Kamehameha Day at Oahu

Starting at 9 am at the Palace of Iolani Palace, vibrant processions, marked with a flower fantasy of buoys and units and riding facilities, will go to Queen Kap hoàngiolani Park in Waikīkī. Here, an interesting Ho lớnolauleʻa (really big party) will be ready and waiting at 11am to fill the park's stands with live entertainment and entertainment until 4pm.

King Kamehameha Day at Hawaii Island

And although Oʻahu perhaps has many people involved in the festivities, the other Hawaiian islands also give homage to the king. Hilo, on Hawaiʻi Island, carries its own lei draping ceremony on the Bayfront Drive King Kamehameha statue and hosting the Kamehameha Festival at Mokuola, or Coconut Island.

King Kamehameha Day at Hawaii Island
It is also an annual lei floating in Kohala, the birthplace of King Kamehameha, followed by a parade and hoʻolauleʻa. Kailua-Kona celebrations have parades down to Alii Drive, then, a hoolaule‘a is held at Huliheulie Palace, including a free concert featuring top recording artists in Hawaii.

King Kamehameha Day at Kauai

King's celebration & parade on Kauai Island, held in Lihue, away from Vidinha Stadium, along Rice Road, to the District Building to visit.

King Kamehameha Day at Kauai

King Kamehameha Day at Maui

King Kamehameha Day is commemorated on Maui with the Na Kamehameha Commemorative Pau Parade, which boasts a series of local marching bands and colorful floats, and travels along Lahaina’s historic Front Street, where it then ends at Banyan Tree Park with, you guessed it, another hoʻolauleʻa!

King Kamehameha Day at Maui

Where are Kamehameha Statues located in the world?

Many kings are honored in Hawaii. King Kamehameha is the most famous king of all, with many statues. Sculpture in Honolulu is one of the most photographed landmarks. The photos were used in the opening scenes of 1970 Hawaii Hawaii Five-O and in the new Five-O series, possibly hundreds of travel magazine pages and an unlimited number of Trip to Hawaii story-line sit-coms and Trip to Hawaii TV commercials.

The original Kamehameha statue is located on Kohala on the island of Hawaii. The second resides in downtown Honolulu. The third person proudly stands in Washington D.C. The fourth Kamehameha statue stands in Hilo. Three more actors are located at Hilo on Hawaiʻi Island, at Grand Wailea Resort on Maui and finally, there is a statue in what is commonly known as the 9th Island of Hawaii, located at Hawaii Market Las Vegas.


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