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Nestled in a small corner of the Pacific Ocean. Also one of the most remote places on earth. Polynesian Triangle possesses some of the most interesting islands. From resort paradises like Bora Bora and the Cook Islands to the unique cultural heritage of Hawaii, Easter and Norfolk Islands. In this article, we will focus on the top 9 destinations based on landscape, comfort and some related criteria.


9. Niue

Niue (pronounced 'New-ay' - meaning 'seeing coconut') may be the smallest independent nation in the world, but the Pacific island is called 'Rock of Polynesia' (or just is the 'Stone') which is surprising for the bold traveler. The island is located in the middle of a triangle formed by Samoa, Tonga and Cook Islands. The island has a beautiful abundance of shady coves and rocky beaches, along with famous coral reefs.


( Nieu has a beautiful abundance of shady coves and rocky beaches, along with famous coral reefs ) 

Why you should get there?

As an independent governing body, Niue is home to a subcategory of Polynesia culture, languages and multicultural cultural practices that are quickly dissolved by Western influences. Visit early to catch Niueans in their last bloom in their own style. Includes the Peniamina National Holiday (also known as the Gospel Day) in October and the opportunity to experience Niuean's language skills.

activities in Niue

( Fishing is one of the interesting activities in Niue Island )

Also, if you're a marine mammal fan, Niue should top your list for a trip between July and September, because a lucky diver will often face (or otherwise, face-to-face snorkel) with humpback whales.
Kayaking, fishing, caving and guided hiking are also worth the time to spend here.

8. Tutuila, American Samoa

Tutuila is often referred to as the largest island of American Samoa. Sometimes it is mistaken for the island of Hawaii due to its proximity. Its capital - Pago Pago - is considered the largest and most impressive harbor not only in the South Pacific but also worldwide.

Tutuila, American Samoa 

( Majestic nature of Tutuila)

Ecotourism has been developed on the islands, welcoming guests to explore this beautiful corner of the world.

Why should you get there?

Samoa has a rich and long cultural heritage - it is said that this is one of the first Polynesian settlements. Besides, nature offers many activities such as hiking, snorkeling, diving, and bathing. Tropical climates ensure warm weather all year round - even water reaches temperatures like the outside!

World War II Heritage Trail

( World War II Heritage Trail )

7. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Being an age-old international tourist destination especially popular with Europeans, mainly due to its association with what is known as French Polynesia, Bora Bora boasts a lovely blend of Polynesian beauty and modern facilities.

Although tourists come to enjoy its famous lagoons, or above all, the peak of the volcano tour is no longer active. The island is also very proud of its Polynesian culture and certain victories about World War II, including the use of Bora Bora as a US military base.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

( Bora Bora boasts a lovely blend of Polynesian beauty and modern facilities )

The most recognizable Polynesian group has many world-class resorts. The cozy villas on the water above the clear lagoon are almost symbols of Bora Bora. Curious travelers can also explore a lush forest, WWII cannons and two peaks of an extinct volcano. However, most activities are underwater and provide great opportunities for bathing, snorkeling, diving and even diving for sharks to eat.

Why should you get there?

Bora Bora is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the world. Excellent travel facilities and the perfect resort ensure ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia activities

6. Tonga

Independent state is an archipelago, consisting of 177 islands! Tonga is currently the monarchy (Tupou VI). Unfortunately, the Royal Family and the Government really don't care. That's why Tonga is included in the list of the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world.However, politics has recently been determined to develop tourism for this country, which has preserved pristine nature and authentic culture.


( Tongan with plentiful natural beauty - from the breathtaking cliffs and verdant rainforests.)

Why should you get there?

The Kingdom of Tonga promises some attractions and activities: families, couples and even adventurers are welcome. Great beaches and resorts for those looking for a relaxing holiday. Meanwhile, there are many unexplored and uninhabited islands that can come and explore by boat.


( There are many unexplored and uninhabited islands that can come and explore by boat. )

If coral reefs and whales are enough to stimulate your interest and lots of activities on the island, from beautiful beaches to water sports and lush island walks.

5. Easter Island

A Chilean island falls at the southeastern point of the Triangle. This is one of the most mysterious places on Earth due to its cultural heritage, protected by UNESCO. The giant moai - monolithic figures carved by Rapa Nui people in the 13th and 16th centuries - attracted scientists and tourists and is one of the most recognizable historical monuments in the world.

Easter Island

( Easter Island is famous for its giant stone statues. )

Why should you get there?

Easter Island can be reached by plane from Santiago, Chile or on the tall ship Soren Larsen, taking off from New Zealand once a year. In any case, this remote place certainly provides an adventure of a lifetime.

Nearly 1,000 separate moai statues have been considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. But besides, Rapa Nui National Park is a unique, eye-catching sight to discover in its own way. Its: abundance of other stone monuments; from houses and walls to portraits. Camping enthusiasts will find their bandwidth for splendor that is extended by night or two under the stars at Rapa Nui or the surrounding area.

Rapa Nui National Park

( Rapa Nui National Park )

4. The Cook Islands

With a strong cafe culture, organic cuisine and growing artists, and some bars and clubs, Rarotonga lives confidently in the 21st century. But outside the famous tourist island and contemporary appearance is a strong culture, closely linked by traditional Polynesia values and immersed in oral history.

The Cook Islands

( The Cook Island is one of the most beautiful gems in the Pacific )

North of Raro, a wonderful lagoon of Aitutaki is surrounded by tiny deserted islands and is one of the most beautiful gems in the Pacific. Venture farther and strong Polynesian traditions appear near the surface. Drink beer at home at the traditional 'Atiuan tumunu'(dust beer club), discover the old makatea (big coral cliffs) and Mangaia's taro fields, or swim in Mitiaro's underground cave lake and Ma Muffuke. The distant northern group is a South Sea idiom experienced by a few lucky people.

The Cook Island

Why should you get there?

Rarotonga is an island just begging for discovery. Not only does the island have decent public buses (good, at least for an island), there are many points for renting scooters and cars for the type of person or self-made guy. The brave wanderer will find himself raising his eyebrows in the backcountry and once in a pool and waterfall for life.

3. Samoa

Seriously but spiritually, wild but well cared for, silent but born of volcanic explosions; Gorgeous Samoa is a paradoxical paradox. Despite the intense natural beauty - all the iridescent waters, jade forests and crystal waterfalls - this is a modest place, with no major resorts and flashy attractions, But warmly welcomed like the sun on the island.

The most magical salt water swimming hole is in Samoa

( The most magical salt water swimming hole is in Samoa )

Geographically and culturally, this small country is considered the heart of Polynesia. Although the missionaries of the 1800s had a great influence, the country still clung to Fa'a Samoa (Samoa Road), making it one of the most authentic and authentic societies in all. Both Pacific islands: able to see someone juggling fire more than a walled house.

Rich Culture and Untouched Nature in Samoa

( Rich Culture and Untouched Nature in Samoa )

Although isolated, Samoa offers an accessible adventure. From Apia's relative noise to silence stirring the soul of Savai Vi, you'll find a safe, sweet paradise and easy to get around.

Why should you get there?

To-Sua is what attracts most visitors to the island: a perfectly symmetrical swimming pool (literally, a large hole of water with water flowing) between a lava field protruding from the spectacular coastline and filled Shining emerald Water. Other must-see activities in Upolu including diving, surfing, and fishing spots are known worldwide.

Scuba Diving in Samoa

( Scuba Diving in Samoa )

2. Kauai, Hawaii

A list of famous Polynesia Islands will be a list without any shout for one of the incredible Hawaiian Islands. Not as majestic or volcanic as a large, or populous island like Oahu, Kauai makes a list of exactly the lack of Western influence that took place in places like Honolulu or even neighboring islands like Maui. Kauai registered in the countryside more than messy, however, for the rude Polynesia type adventurer, we believe it strikes the right chord. Just don forget to forget to pack an umbrella! Heavy rains can occur all year round.

Kauai, Hawaii

Why should you get there?

Favorite by both locals and visitors including Cliffside beaches and puddles along the stately Na Pali National Park, especially its lush vegetation. Ranked second is Wailua Falls, which is much more valuable than its screams in the Fantasy Island TV show. Both make walking easy and have not found a way into the kingdom of an overcrowded tourist trap.

With an incredible list of outdoor adventures, Kauaʻi will puncture your resort bubble. Here, you can fly up and settle in tropical valleys in a helicopter, glide through the trees on a cable, navigate narrow tracks to the shoulders of a sleeping or deep-lying giant into a big canyon.

outdoor adventures Kauai

( Kauai Backcountry Mountain Tubing Adventure )

You can paddle a sacred river or motorbike into the sea caves, wander on isolated beaches, drop in and rest, or float away with sea turtles in stormy puddles blend in that perfect blue. Each new experience unites in an unforgettable way with the grandeur of the island.

1. New Zealand

Located in the southwest corner of the Triangle, New Zealand is definitely a place to see at least once in your life. With natural, biological wonders and diverse historical heritage. It provides visitors with unforgettable experiences. Polynesians have settled here in the 13th century and created a unique Māori culture to this day. Countless beautiful parks, mountains, and cities attract visitors from all over the world year-round.

New Zealand

( New Zealand attracs visitor with natural, biological wonders and diverse historical heritage.)

Why should you get there?

New Zealand is one of our favorite destinations, as it offers a multitude of great websites and views. Tourists come there for a number of reasons: skiing, climbing, climbing, even wine tasting - just choose your favorite activity. But unique nature must be the main attraction - perfect!

Bungee jumping in New Zealand

( Bungee jumping in New Zealand )

Other attractions for this vast island include the fact that it provides the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings trio. Stopped by modern Hobbiton is a great way to get New Zealand's natural wonders and cultural importance. Not a movie buff? Then you will be equally happy when taking a dip in Lake Tekapo (or staying at B & B in town), staring at local Milford Sound fjords, or wading through Waitomo Cave to wander in millions glowing worms call them home.

Hopefully, sharing about the top 9 islands of the Polynesia Triangle can help you to have more useful knowledge in your trip more interesting and ideal. Wish you have a happy trip with family and relatives.


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